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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Finished Killa Kans (un-painted)

Heres some finished yet un-painted Killa Kans.
The Killa Kans with the Kustom Mega Blasta's also have extra armour.


  1. These are stunningly good reworkings. Everything new fits and there are some nice ideas too, like the ladders for pilots or riggers. The grotzookas are simple and very effective.

    The metal-plasticard hybrids are especially impressive - they match the new plastics far better now. The weapon construction looks like it must have been difficult so good job!

  2. Thanks,
    I tried to make the Grotzooka's look more like Bazooka's.

    The old metal ones were started before the plastic Kans were released.
    I didn’t like the old Kans arms, hence the custom drill on the one Kan. It wasn’t a difficult job just a time-consuming one. Also they never made Kustom Mega Blasta's for them. I only got around to finishing them with the help of the release of the new Kans.

    Kustom Mega Blasta’s are brilliant when used by Grots (not so by Orks), although the Grotzooka’s are still the best weapon over-all for Killa Kans.
    I’m planning to make another two squadrons of Kans with Grotzooka’s as soon as I get the chance. That would give me 18 template shots.

  3. Impressive conversion work. Very creative with the card and tubing. Need to use these for inspiration when I eventually go Ork in the near future.


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