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Sunday, 5 December 2010

1500 point list

This is a ‘1500 Point Army’ list. It has worked very well in a fair few games. I’ve also beefed up the list to 2000 points, by adding various extras (will be posting them up soon).

HQ- Big Mek: Kustom Force Field, Burna, Cybork Body, 135pts
Eavy Armour, Attack Squig.

Troop- Deff Dred: Armour Plates, Grot Riggers, Two Scorchas. 100pts

Troop- 30 Boys A: Nob- Power Klaw, Eavy Armour, Boss Pole. 225pts

Troop- 30 Boys B: Nob- Power Klaw, Eavy Armour, Boss Pole. 225pts

Troop- 20 Ard Boys: Nob- Power Klaw, Boss Pole. 240 pts

Fast- 4 Deth Koptas: One Buzzsaw, Four Twin-linked Rokkit 205pts

Heavy- Battle Wagon: Red Paint Job, Grot Riggers. 100pts

Heavy- 3 Killa Kans A: Three Grot Zookas. 135pts

Heavy- 3 Killa Kans B: Three Grot Zookas. 135pts

Total: 1500pts.

This list while being very simple is very versatile. It will work well with various Battle Plans.

The Battle Plan: Hammer & Anvil.

Aim: To get everything straight into combat with the minimal damage.

Anvil- The Killa Kans make a great shield wall, especially with the Big Mek’s 4+ cover save (sneaky). This gives the boys protection from incoming fire. If you combine the Killa Kan’s Grot Zooka Shots (12 small blast templates!) on one infantry unit at a time, it will make a lovely mess of them. Kans are great at holding up units in close combat and will even take down a monstrous creature now and again (stomped an avatar with them).
Keep the Deff Dred covered until the last moment (counter-attack &/or support). Theirs nothing like softening up units with the two Skorchas before the charge.

Hammer- The Ard boys in the Battle Wagon are an excellent flanking unit. The Deth Koptas serve three functions. One: they can work as a very useful LOS blocker, protecting the Battle Wagon. Two: used as an anti-armour weapon, at range and charging enemy tanks with the Buzz Saw (killed a vindicator with that one!). Three: great for denying objectives in the last couple of turns (if their still alive by then).

Hint: always make the most of the blast and flame templates.
Hint: gang up against single units with kans and boys.

Please try this list out and let me know. All feed back welcome

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