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Friday, 28 January 2011

Da Art of Waaagh! Landa Datasheet

Da Art of Waaagh! Landa Datasheet
Ork Landa Datasheet


  1. I've never been a huge fan of the landa, but this does some convincing..!

  2. Thanks,
    Good to hear that! :)
    For me it’s always been appealing, the idea of Ork Landa’s screaming through the atmosphere and delivering more boys into the fray.
    Love the ‘Epic’ Landa, very inspiring.
    A problem with rules for the Landa, is that the old Epic rules are different from the newer ones. In the old Epic rules it had a transport capacity of 100 and in the newer rules its 40. The difference in capacity means a disparity in its over-all size.
    Hence it was necessary to compile two Data Sheets, one Landa and one Eavy Landa.
    The Landa is akin to a Thunder Hawk Gunship and the Eavy Landa is comparable to the Tau Manta (I.A. Apoc).
    Both the Landa & Eavy Landa are on my to build list.

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