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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Da Art of Waaagh! Big Rokkit Trukk Datasheet

Da Art of Waaagh! Big Rokkit Trukk Datasheet


  1. That would go down well with warbosses the galaxy over. If you ever revisit it, I'd suggest giving the ammo trucks more chance to explode if destroyed when loaded. I love the choice of rokkit types. On the subject, I'm still waiting for the return of buzzer squigs - a classic Orky 'ammo'.

  2. With regards to the Ammo Trukks; the idea of making them a bit more volatile in the explosion department was considered. But not included at the last minute due too not wanting to have numerous rules and overcomplicating the whole thing. The idea of the Ammo Trukks unstable nature is a great one and will be looked into again before ‘Da Art of Waaagh! Datasheets are released as a whole book-pdf (will be Downloadable from this Blog in due course).

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