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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Da Art of Waaagh! Grot-Nought Datasheet

Da Art of Waaagh! Grot-Nought Datasheet
Grot-Nought Datasheet


  1. Love the grot rebellion rule. Can't go wrong with uppity grots, unless you are an Ork that is. In fact, the whole formation rule is cool. Adding two of these to a Killa Kan formation would be downright evil. Like it.
    Also, is that a blacked-out picture of a scratch build there?

  2. I love the concept - it adds to our picture of Ork civilisation. I'm with Jugglepunk on the rebellion idea, and like that the unit is an inbetweener. I'm guessing the silhouette is one of the Epic stompas, but I want to believe you built this!

  3. Thanks,
    Porky's right, unfortunately it is just an epic model silhouette, all tho I do have a scratch built Digga Stompa (not quite finished yet, still need to do all of the rivets).
    The Grot-Nought is on a par with the Mega-Dead and Grot Mega Tank. Yep, it is a kind of in-betweener, but was kept non-super heavy allowing possible inclusion in regular games. Make’s a nice centrepiece in a Grot Army.


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